Now THAT's what we call a good time!

The Outlander cast and creators gathered in front of thousands of fans last night at Paley Fest, and started off with a fanstastic round of the age-old Scottish tradition drinking game*: "Ne'er Have I E'er."

It was a rare moment for fans, some who had flewn in from other continents, to see the lighter side of the show's incredilbly talented stars, Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan and Tobias Menzies, as well as author Diana Gabaldon and executive producer Ronald D. Moore.

Sure, plenty of interesting tidbits were also spilled, like some upcoming skinny dipping (it's Sam who'll be in a river, with nothing but his hands to cup his nether regions, BTW), how time travel works, etc.--you can read the highlights right here!--but the greatest takeaway from the night's moderator, me, is this:

Caitriona, Sam and Tobias are COOL AS HELL. And just a ridiculously geniune and fun group of actors as you could ever hope for. The entire evening was...not somewhat captured by this highly profesional photo shoot, directed by Tobias Menzies himself, taken place in a photo booth at the after party. I believe his words were: "Sexy." "Dead Sexy." "Fingers Up My Nose." "Now Smell It."

Kristin Dos Santos, Caitriona Balfe, Tobias Menzies

All in a day's work.

My sincerest thank you to the top-of-their-game Starz PR team, and to Caitriona, Sam, Tobias, Ronald and Diana for allowing me to be a part of this night, which was so very special to Outlander fans, and me. And mostly, for taking part in the fun shenanigans (Cait and Sam also played The Newlywed Game!) and drankin' that whiskey! Slaínte!

The "Droughtlander" is almost over and April 4 can't get here fast enough.

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*There is no such drinking game and the name was made up on the spot. However, Grandpa Alexander Veitch was real and did like Scotch and reasons to drink it.

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