Well. That did not go as planned.

Aimee Davison of the YouTube channel Sexperimental LOLPervs decided to get in on the Mentos/Coke craze–and by "craze," we mean one guy covered himself in Mentos and bathed in Coke Zero, by having her own little candy-soda experiment. You probably remember how the other project went, so you'd think this video would be more of the same fizzy shenanigans.


Apparently there is a wrong way to put Mentos all over your body and get into a pool of Diet Coke. She made the Mentos-bikini (which is surely a DYI project pinned on Pinterest by now), poured $40 worth of Diet Coke into her tub, and got right in. How could this perfect recipe for viral video nirvana turn so sour?

Someone get this girl a participation ribbon.

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