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Not even celebrities can escape the worst feeling in the world that is losing a credit card, ID, wallet, etc.

Fresh off of being the most wonderful Good Samaritan around, having helped some Girl Scouts sell cookies, Tom Hanks had the misfortune of losing his credit card in New York City. Who deserves that kind of karma?! Fortunately, his goodness was recognized and the universe helped the Saving Private Ryan actor out by having another good person find his credit card!

"A guy named Tony found my credit card on the street in NYC and returned it!  Tony! You make this city even greater!  Thanx. HANX," the Oscar winner tweeted.

Now, let's debate for a second who is luckier: Hanks for having gotten back his long-lost credit card back or this mysterious Tony who was lucky enough to have found it? Honestly, it's a real toss-up.

Thankfully for the Cast Away actor, he had lost only his credit card, which can't be said for Mark Ruffalo or Steve Martin! Both stars had the unfortunate mishap of losing their wallets, but people returned them! Maybe strangers are genuinely better than we all thought...

A Twitter user discovered Ruffalo's wallet in a Chicago cab one night and reached out to the Foxcatcher star on Twitter. After finally catching the Oscar nominee's attention, the two exchanged details via direct messages. The two eventually met up because Ruffalo ended up tweeting, "@Trezeduet You are a hero!"

The Father of the Bride actor lost his wallet in Pennsylvania where he was set to perform with his band, the Steep Canyon Rangers. Another Good Samaritan discovered the wallet and contacted the venue where the star was set to perform, but the programming director didn't believe him!

"We thought it was a joke at first," programming director Will Beekman said, per The Times-Leader.

But it wasn't a prank! Martin arrived to pick up the wallet and reportedly offered the finder a $100 reward. He later elaborated on the incident via his rep, telling the paper, "The gentleman couldn't have been sweeter, nicer, kinder, and his Batman-like rescue of my wallet is one more reason to remember Wilkes-Barre."

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