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Kanye West is one proud (and busy!) papa.

In the midst of the Paris Fashion Week madness, the rapper sat down for interview with Clique TV and opened up about a wide variety of topics like North West, his upcoming honorary doctorate and racism.

The "All Day" singer admitted, "My daughter learned how to swipe before she learned how to read," and explained how he wants children of future generations to be more advanced than today's kids.

"I want to see before I pass 5-year-olds being ten times the level of current human 5-year-olds right now but removing all the separatist concepts," he told the reporter.

West also admitted that both he and his little one are unimpressed with a majority of the kids' toys out there, saying, "I gave my daughter these toys and I was complaining about some of the toys that my daughter had and I was saying these toys don't have enough quality, soul, life, energy in them.

"Then Vanessa Beecroft bought her these wolves that were very life-like and when my daughter saw them she started screaming and running around and was the happiest I'd ever seen her."

So that explains his new track "Wolves" and he and Kim Kardashian's wolf-like color contacts at New York Fashion Week.

And as if you had a busy schedule, West has been busy balancing working on his ADIDAS clothing line, soon-to-be released new album and (drumroll) picking up a degree!

Sure, his debut album was dubbed The College Dropout, but Yeezy admitted during the interview that he's going to be getting an honorary doctorate degree at the Art Institute of Chicago on May 5.

Dr. Kanye West certainly has a nice ring to it, right?

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 10 premieres this Sunday at 9 p.m., only on E!

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