Rihanna's Odd Fashions

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Rihanna, girl, what's going on? (Whatever it is, we can work through this together!)

Here's what we mean: In recent weeks, the singer has stepped out in outfits that we can only describe as, well, bag lady meets high fashion—a sort of curveball version of the boho chic look that the Olsen twins pretty much trademarked more than a decade ago.

Really, it's not like the star has never worn daring looks before....it's just that lately daring has transgressed into wholly undone. (Read: If this is fashion-forward, we might not want to be part of the future.)

It all started on New Year's Eve, when Rihanna stepped out in a electric blue Kye coat only a Cookie Monster could love. In the months that followed, we saw looks that ran the gamut—from a pair of mud-stained jeans paired with Timberland boots and an embellished Chanel coat (better believe that dirt that close to Chanel gave us hives) to a jogging suit with caramel-suede Alexander Wang booties (if we think they're a bit Frankenstein, it's only because Marc Jacobs put the idea in ours heads first).

Rihanna, 2015 Grammy Awards

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And who could forget the cupcake couture confection she wore to the 2015 Grammys? The singer's hot pink Giambattista Valli gown overwhelmed more than just her figure (we could hardly spot the red carpet under its breadth).

We're not saying RiRi should normalize—or even tone down—her sartorial chioces, but these looks could be a bit more streamlined (this is more street style you'd side-eye than street style you'd lust after). We know Rihanna is a red carpet mainstay, and she's wowed us many times in the past, which is why we're here rooting for her (with or without those Furby-esque Simone Rocha slippers).

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