Nicki Minaj

Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Nicki Minaj is not going to take your tired puns lying down, Twitter.

For anyone familiar with the rapper, it's common knowledge that she's more than outspoken. Whether she's slamming a blogger for a story about her ex or telling Ryan Seacrest how much she loves Katy Perry's breasts, you can always count on Nicki to tell it like it is. 

Which is exactly why it's no surprise at all that she called out IHOP for a lame tweet they made recently. 

What happened was this: Yesterday the restaurant posted "I ain't got no type. Pancakes are the only thing that I like." As a refresher, that's a play off the lyrics for Rae Sremmurd's rap anthem "No Type" (the original lyrics read "I don't got no type/Bad b--ches is the only thing that I like."

It was clearly an attempt for IHOP to sound cool, but Nicki was having none of it. She responded in the hilariously awesome way that only Nicki Minaj can.

Lesson learned, chain restaurants of America. Nicki Minaj is sick of your lame jokes. 

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