Hillary Clinton


Enough about the email scandal! We have to talk about Hillary Clinton doing this. On purpose. Willingly.

The former Secretary of State and possible 2016 presidential candidate once starred as "Hillary Gump" in a video shown at the 1995 Gridiron Club Dinner, an annual event held by a prestigious Washington journalist organization—and that footage has resurfaced. (Thanks, Independent Journal Review.)

During the light-hearted evening, the then-First Lady appeared in a skit with her husband Bill Clinton where they put a spin on Forrest Gump, which was at the time just a year old.

"The White House is like a box of chocolates," she observed while sitting on that famous bench. "It's pretty on the outside but inside, it's full of nuts."

Whether giving out advice to former President Jimmy Carter or going through different hairstyles, Hillary has no trouble keeping us completely glued to the screen in the four-minute-plus video. After all, the puns just keep on coming.

"My mama always said, reporters are like a box of chocolates," she continued. "Too many of them can kill you but the sweet ones are the nice ones." Sooo good!

Our favorite part, however, may be when then-President Bill Clinton takes his seat on the bench to chat with his wife. After accepting chocolate from his leading lady, he has one final request: Got any french fries honey?

Lo and behold, Hillary's got a large order ready to share!

"Cupid is as cupid does," she explained. We just can't deal with this amazingness. 

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