When Al Gore invented the Internet, we know he was striving to one day get the human race to this point. And this point is a video of a classic TV character lip-synching to a rap song.

Reddit user animalrobot wrote that during holiday from work when his family was out of town he "dedicated three full days" to creating the best mashup video he could possibly think of. Bless animalrobot's brain, because what he came up with was Earl Sinclair, the leading "man" from the TV classic Dinosaurs, rapping like a boss to "Hypnotize" by the late The Notorious B.I.G.

At first you might think it's really stupid to waste your time watching this video, but then you realize that the song eerily matches up with Earl's lip movements and suddenly you're thinking that the writers of Dinosaurs did that on purpose so that one day a bored human on the Internet would crack the code of Earl and Biggie.

What does it all mean?! 

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