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    Travis Barker From Hospital Bed: "Every Step's Huge"

    Travis Barker AP Photo

    Three weeks after narrowly surviving a Learjet plane crash, Travis Barker has taken to his MySpace blog to thank fans for their support and to update them on his condition.

    "Like the doctors said from the beginning, its [sic] been a slow recovery process. I am coming up on the 7th of my surgeries Monday," the former Blink-182 drummer wrote Saturday.

    "Today I finally was able to move all my fingers on my right hand. Every step seems huge at this point, and I'm doing EVERYTHING I can possibly do to get back to my kids. Yes, I did start eating meat again, but if it helps me to be home holding my little humans sooner, than its all worth it."

    Blogging from a Los Angeles-area burn center where he's being treated for second- and third-degree burns, the 32-year-old Barker posted photos of himself in his hospital bed, his right arm wrapped in bandages.

    He also paid tribute to the two friends who lost their lives on that doomed Sept. 19 flight—his 29-year-old assistant Chris Baker and his 29-year-old security guard, Charles Still. All told, four people died. Barker and DJ AM were the lone survivors.

    "I would give up anything to have them here with us today, healthy and happy. To call them my employees does them such a disservice, as they were so much more than that," added Barker. "Chris was my best friend before anything else, and I can never put into words how much he will be missed. Che was an amazing person as well, and I was honored to have him in my life."

    Regarding the Georgia burn unit where he was initially treated, as well as his current L.A. medical center, the musician had nothing but praise for the doctors and nurses.

    Barker also revealed he recently visited with AM (aka Adam Goldstein), who was treated at the same L.A. facility, and said it "was an inspiration."

    "I saw just how awesome the doctors' work here is, and got to see how well he is doing. I am so happy to see him doing well, and we are both so lucky and grateful that we are alive today," he noted.

    The Meet the Barkers star concluded on a happy note, saying he's "counting the days" until he's reunited with his kids.

    "I cant wait to get home to play drums with my son, and go for bike rides with my daughter," he wrote. "I cant wait to see the pictures from Landon's 'Jack and Sally Nightmare Before Christmas' birthday party that we had for him today. I am bummed that I couldn't be there, but thank God Ill be around to see many, many more."