The stakes are always high on Total Divas and in this season's finale, Rosa Mendes pays dearly!

In the deleted scene above, the Divas are having drinks when Paige arrives with her new musician boyfriend, Bradley.

Nattie convinces Bradley to sing for the group under one conditionthey put on a show for him as well! Now she just needs a volunteer...

"Who wants to take a Sharpshooter? Rosa! I'm going to put Rosa in the Sharpshooter," Nattie says. Deal!

Total Divas, Nattie, Rosa


But Rosa has one more question for Bradley. "Can you tell me how I'm going to find love one day and I'm not going to meet all these crazy people all the time?" she asks.

Check out the above to clip to see Bradley's moving performance and to find out what happens when Rosa loses the bet.

It looks like Nattie is enjoying Rosa's punishment a little too much!

Total Divas returns to E! on July 7!

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