Ariana Grande and Madonna officially have more in common than we could have ever thought.

The two incredibly talented performers have had bad luck as of late onstage, as they both have completely wiped out while in concert! The "One Last Time" singer tripped and fell during her concert in Toronto Sunday, and fortunately was not hurt in the tumble, which occurred after a bit of the platform she hopped up on—while singing "Bang Bang" and wearing killer high-heeled boots—collapsed.

Luckily a backup dancer was right there to ensure that she was fine!

Although rumors have swirled that Big Sean's girlfriend might be a sassy diva behind the scenes (some have jokingly claimed she doesn't walk on her own), the "Break Free" crooner not only handled her accident like a champ but she also laughed about it! She got right back to singing, too, as if nothing had ever happened. Then again, she has previous experience with onstage accidents.

Ariana Grande

Michael Simon/

During December's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show dress rehearsal Grande was nearly taken down by model Elsa Hosk. The moment was inevitably caught on camera, where Grande is captured making a pained facial expression. She was able to laugh off the situation then, too.

"A Victoria's Secret angel accidentally smacked me in the face with her wings and it was awesome #goals #bangbangintomyface," she wrote on Twitter.

The moment was captured and instantly spread across the Interwebs, but when it came time for the show to air on TV, production had edited the moment out! Then again, viewers who hadn't seen it on the Internet already probably would have been too distracted by all of the sexy lingerie to notice anyway.

But her rehearsals should have acted as a premonition, as she suffered a similar fate before the show. "Was so nervous / excited at dress rehearsal i almost walked face first into an Angel's wings and died lmao oops. (only me..... ever....)" Grande wrote on Instagram. "Again so excited to be here @victoriassecret thank you." 

To catch Grande's this time around, watch the video above!

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