We've all relied on "Weird Al" Yankovic to provide us with some laughs, but we never thought we could turn to him for some tears!

The famous parodist touched many hearts Sunday night when he sang alongside Jodi Piazza, a 13-year-old girl who has autism, at the Night of Too Many Stars benefit. Dressed like a Jedi, Yankovic emerged on stage to sing his Star Wars parody of The Kinks' "Lola," with DiPiazza supporting him with vocals and the piano in a funny but touching performance.

A three-time finalist in the ASCAP Young Composers Awards, DiPiazza rocked out hard with Yankovic. But this isn't her first time performing at the A-list event! Two years ago she joined Katy Perry on stage to help her perform "Firework," so she has plenty of experience! She and Yankovic slayed their performance, but the real kicker was the children's choir that appeared onstage at the end!

A small group of boys and girls emerged from backstage to help the "Amish Paradise" singer finish out "Yoda."

The telethon also saw performances from Jon Bon Jovi who was joined by Will Forte to help perform "Wanted Dead or Alive." The Saturday Night Live comedian's contribution included shouting "wanted" as backup support and texting when he wasn't "singing." He also donned a crop top that showed a lot of midriff LOL. Gilbert GottfriedAl Roker and Triumph The Insult Comic Dog also appeared onstage as singers, taking turns with the "wanted."

The Night of Too Many Stars event raises money for autism programs for both children and adults and has raised more than $18 million since 2006.

If this performance wasn't enough "Weird Al" for you, the "pretty fly for a rabbi" crooner announced in January he would be going on a massive world tour. No, that is not a joke. The Mandatory World Tour, named after his album Mandatory Fun,  kicks off with a five-day residency in Las Vegas and then will launch into a record 88 shows around the world. Audiences can be expected to hear a mix of old and new jams.

Would you see "Weird Al" performing live? Sound off in the comments below!

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