House of Cards, Season 3

David Giesbrecht for Netflix

House of Cards is a complex beast of a television show. Just keeping up with the running list of whose lives Frank Underwood is trying to destroy is a full-time job, never mind trying to remember anything about his actual presidential policy. (Something about jobs, right?)

So, with all of the ups and downs of the drama's episodes (or chapters, if you will), it's easy to get a little confused. Clearly the show's staff recognized that viewers were in a bit of a tailspin post season three binging, because this morning the whole House of Cards gang hosted a Twitter Q&A. There were a few minor spoilers as can be expected, so you probably should stop reading now if you haven't started season three (and definitely don't click on this link to the Q&A). 

And, sure, we did get some good insights and scoop on the show. Kevin Spacey admitted that Underwood's Southern drawl doesn't actually take that much work to perfect, since his accent fades (on purpose) when he's in D.C. Michael Kelly, who plays Doug Stamper, thinks his character hasn't found love because Rachel was really The One. (Oh, and that makeshift wooden-spoon-and-duct-tape splint Doug used really did pull all the hair off of Kelly's arm). The sand art the group of monks created in episode seven was real, and the whole crew gathered to watch it be destroyed. The Easter egg scene with Claire only symbolizes her hatred for the monotonous ceremonial tasks required of the FLOTUS and nothing more. 

Oh, and Spacey doesn't actually think Frank is so heartless. In fact, he believes he cares about "a number of things." A number!

But, thanks to all of the inquiring Twitter minds, we were also left with more than a few burning questions. HOC fans really know how to ask the hard questions, and reading through the Q&A left us feeling a little helpless about all of the White House secrets we'll never know. It seems as though the show's writers are purposefully torturing us with these mysteries. Like, what's the deal with season four? Seriously, what's the deal? 

Below, we've compiled all of the finer points raised by this morning's intrepid Tweeters, so that you can feel tortured by the unknowing as much as we do. House of Cards, if you're listening, please advise.

Will Presidents Underwood and Petrov (of Russia) ever perform musical theater together?

What is the likelihood of a Jackie and Remi-centric spinoff?

Does Kevin Spacey speak in asides in real life?

Why does no one on this show ever turn on the darn lights?

Why doesn't Frank knock his fists on tables anymore?

What does Frank eat now that he can no longer consume Freddy's delicious ribs? Does he even miss those ribs BUT AT ALL?

Why is Meechum so scary?

Is everyone on House of Cards a sociopath?

What happened to Frank's rowing machine? 

Has Hillary Clinton asked anyone from the show to be her Vice President?

But, really, the sociopath thing...

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