Say it with us now: Preach, John Oliver. Preach.

Ever the crusading journalist, the late-night host decided to get to the bottom of one of the most aggravating traditions of modern life: Daylight saving time. That's right, he's tired of, well, being tired. The injustice of losing an hour of sleep has gone too far, and he's not going to take it lying down

In a segment called "How Is This Still a Thing?" Last Week Tonight put its investigative powers to work. What they found may shock you. Or make you sleepy. 

Most Americans have been living under the lie that daylight saving time was invented to give farmers an extra hour of daylight to plant seeds, work on the harvest and complete other farm-related tasks that would be nearly impossible under the cloak of darkness. But, as Last Week Tonight points out, this is total BS, and probably an elaborate scheme cooked up by the government. After all, cows don't care what time it is. Do they even have watches?

As it turns out, the real impetus for the biannual time change was an attempt by the Germans to save fuel during the first world war. That's right, the first world war! And, since energy use is shocking not the same as it was back in 1915, we don't even save any electricity anymore. In fact, the only change we do see is an increase in automobile and workplace accidents the week after the clocks spring forward. Hurrah!

If all this is making you fed up, just know that you're not alone. Join the fight, won't you?

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