Once Upon A Time


Mama and Papa Charming have a secret, and it's a pretty sad one.

Not only have they always known that Emma – or any product of true love – could possibly turn out to be evil, but there is one evil lady with a serious and understandable grudge against them.

Back in the enchanted forest at some point in the past, the Charmings met up with Cruella, Ursula, and Maleficent at the request of the trio. They knew that Regina was planning to punish the entire kingdom with the dark curse, and they know of a tree that will answer any question, including, "how do we stop the dark curse?" The only problem is that the tree will only talk to valiant warriors.

After Snow and Charming tried to sneak off to ask the tree by themselves, they found that the tree refused to answer them. They met back up with the evil trio and Maleficent explained to them why it didn't work: they are valiant warriors, but the baby Snow is carrying might not be, because anyone born of true love could either be good or evil. 

Back in present day, the ladies trick Snow and Charming into trying to dispose of Maleficent's remains, only to knock them out and steal their blood. Apparently, Maleficent can be resurrected with the blood of those who wronged her the most, and that means Snow White and Prince Charming.

So what did they do? They refused to ally with Maleficent in order to get rid of the curse because they refused to give in to darkness, even in order to save the kingdom, and something that they did resulted in Maleficent losing her child. We'll still have to wait to find out how exactly that happened, but Snow is clearly very guilty about it.

In some slightly happier you-go-girl news, Belle seems to have happily moved on from Rumple with Will, and even though Rumple looked super sad to be spying on the two of them kissing, we're all for it. Plus, Emma has totally forgiven Hook, and the two of them seem to be doing better than ever. 

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Emma actually has the potential to become evil, and does that idea kind of excite you? Let us know in the comments!

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