Hair Grid, Long Vs. Lob

Getty Images

When we dubbed the bob as the haircut of 2014, little did we know that 2015 would ring in the age of the long bob (or "lob" as we so lovingly call it).

From Lauren Conrad (yep, Miss I'll-Never-Cut-My-Hair-Again) to Jennifer Lawrence, varieties of lob (meaning sometimes its bob predecessor) have made a significant mark on the red carpet. But as much as we like the look, there will always be a place in our hearts (and on our heads) for long, back-grazing locks.

We can't really think of a celeb who hasn't tried the chic, easy-to-wear lob on for size, which is why we're actually putting the look to the test. Play our game to decide once and for all if the lob really rules, and sound off in the comments!

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