Although Kody Brown and his four wives fled Utah for Las Vegas out of fear of prosecution because of their polygamous lifestyle, he tells Oprah Winfrey's Oprah: Where Are They Now? that he and his family still live in fear of getting arrested.

In a preview for the family's interview, airing Sunday, March 8, Brown and his wives reveal that they have a backup plan for their children just in case they face any legal problems in the future.

"We had actually all listed who our kids would go to in the event that we were taken away and put in jail," Meri explains in the interview, while Kody's most recent wife, Robyn, confessed that she worried that each family dinner together would be their last.

"I remember having dinner with Kody during this time, and I would look across the table and wonder if that was the last time I would have dinner with him," she says.

Kody Brown, OWN's Where Are They Now


Kody reveals in the interview how and why he and his wives came up with the plan to leave their home state of Utah, telling the cameras that they needed to go somewhere to be " exist as a family."

"We did not know how aggressive the district attorney would be, so we didn't want him finding out that we were leaving the state," he says.

Because they had to act fast, he and his wives gave their 17 children only a three-day warning that they would be moving. Everyone had only three days to pack up, which meant that they didn't have time to say goodbye to their friends or even go back to school because they were informed on a Friday and moved Monday.

Since moving to Las Vegas, however, he and his family have been much happier, but in wrapping the fifth season of their TLC series, Sister Wives, the Brown family shocked viewers when Meri announced she was seeking a divorce after 24 years of marriage. E! News confirmed the divorce and learned that Kody had since married Robyn, the youngest of the four women.

"We have chosen to legally restructure our family," the Brown family said in a statement obtained by E! News. "We made this decision together as a family. We are grateful to our family, friends and fans for all their love and support."

The series previously alluded to potential marriage troubles between Kody and Meri when she admitted on camera that she had her doubts about being part of a "plural marriage."

"I'm happy on the good days and when Kody shows love and affection, but on a bad day, I question my importance to the family and if Kody still cares about me," she said on the show.

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