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Calling all Whovians, Potterheads, Beliebers, Twi-hards and every other fanatical fanbase! It's time to lead your army of devotees into Internet glory!

What did that important-sounding sentence mean? It means it's time for our Fandom Madness Tournament to officially begin!

March Madness is supposed to be all about some kind of a sport involving a spherical ball that is lobbed at baskets, but we want to make it about the one thing that makes pop culture wonderful: the obsessive, crazy, loyal, sometimes scary fans of the biggest movies, TV shows and celebrity icons.

From the list of 100 pop culture items you guys narrowed the field down to 64, and now it's time to start the brutal knockout round. Choose your favorite fanbase in each game below and help us get to the top 32. Round up your fandom troops and help get Supernatural, One Direction, Sherlock or whichever pop culture entity you love most of all to the next level of the competition!


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