Amy Poehler, Rapping


It's throwback Thursday and Amy P. is in the house!

That's right, Amy Poehler is actually a rapper in disguise. Well, at least she is in this '90s clip anyway!

Footage from a 1995 pilot titled RTVN showcases a young Poehler who can put together a rhyme, proving that she has always been the coolest—even way back in the day! Talk about a throwback.

"The next man or the next wo-man it doesn't make a difference. Keep the competition coming. I recite chapter and verse. The title of this recital is 'Ladies First'," rapped the comedienne.

The pilot, featuring Second City Improv legend Del Close and Matt Dwyer, was filmed before Poehler's big Saturday Night Live break and was scripted by SNL writers Adam McKay (who later teamed up with Will Ferrell to great success) and Tom Gianis.

Watch as the future Parks & Recreation star channels a computer hacker who has just taken over the National Rifle Association (NRA) database and within just a few short minutes of doing so, busts out in rap.

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