Seth Meyers' teen slang vocabulary is on fleek!

On a recent episode of his talk series Late Night With Seth Meyers, the 41-year-old show host attempted to explain, ever so politely and eloquently, the real meaning behind slang words many teens use. And came off sounding like a high school English teacher.

"Many of you have probably heard the term 'on fleek" on Twitter and Instagram," Meyers says, referring to a phrase that surfaced last year. "So what does it mean? Well, it actually means that something is very good or on point. For example, 'Shoe game on fleek' means 'You have a very nice pair of shoes.'"

Things quickly took a turn for the awkward.

"Whisperdick—this is a very specific one," Meyers said. "A 'whisperdick' is someone who softly says jerky things. And let's see it used it in a sentence. 'Justin is a whisperdick. He just said, 'Your mom is cool,' then quietly muttered, 'for sex.'"

"And it's not to be confused with 'whisperdink,' which is when someone has a tiny doink," he added. "Or 'whisperdoink,' which is when someone is a doctor."

Seth Meyers, Late Night With Seth Meyers


And the graphic...

He also "explained" that a "hard-in" is "when something is such a turn-off to you sexually that it makes your boner retract inside of you."

"For example, 'Seeing Fifty Shades of Grey with my aunts gave me a major hard-in!'" he added, laughing.

On last week's Saturday Night Live, Meyers former show, several performers and Fifty Shades of Grey star and guest host Dakota Johnson poked fun at the way many teens and young adults talk to each other nowadays.

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