Jay Manuel Dishes on New Series: "It's Not a Spinoff"

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    Jay Manuel
    Jay Manuel Chris Polk / Getty Images

    Three things you need to know right away about the CW's just-revealed new makeover show with Top Model's Jay Manuel and J. Alexander:

    1. It is not a spinoff.
    2. It is not a straight-up makeover show.
    3. The original series is not going anywhere—and neither are the J's.

    Also, the premise of the new pilot, called Operation Fabulous, is far more interesting than what you've read!

    Thankfully, the one and only Mr. Jay himself just rang me up to clear up the misinformation, giving us preliminary details that aren't out there yet...

    Jay Alexander, Jay Manuel The CW

    "A lot of people are wondering if this means J and I are leaving Model. And no way. That is not true. We would never leave the original show."

    This is the reassuring news Jay Manuel has to share with you concerned Team J devotees, who emailed in to me today asking that very question after news broke that the CW has picked up a new makeover "spinoff" pilot called Operation Fabulous starring Mr. and Ms. J. (Note that it says pilot there, and not series. The series pickup should come later on.)

    "It is definitely not a spinoff," Jay Manuel tells me of Fabulous. "I can definitely say that. This is a new series that is a separate world from Model and will really help women try to elevate their lives."

    Also, contrary to prior reports, Fabulous is not a straightfoward makeover series but rather a makeover competition with a twist. According to Jay, each episode will feature five women from one town who get makeovers and compete until one of them is singled out as the winner from that town. From there, the winners from each town will go on to compete in a "bigger competition," and in the end, that final winner will get a makeover...for their hometown.

    Pretty awesome, no?

    "We can't talk about what the prize is, but I can tell you, it is a major prize," Jay reveals.

    As for Top Model itself, don't worry about the series going away anytime soon. The show already has a contractual pickup for three more seasons, and is believed to extend beyond that. It remains the CW's highest-rated series and is a major force internationally, airing in more than 120 countries around the globe.

    All good news, don't you think? Sound off with your Fabulous thoughts below!

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