Kristen Stewart, CR Fashion Book

CR Fashion Book/Karl Lagerfeld

Kristen Stewart isn't afraid to go for it—in life and onscreen—and she prefers to be with people who feel the same.

"I love putting myself through hell and really experiencing that pain," the actress says in the latest issue of CR Fashion Book, which features a first-person account from her titled "In Bed With Kristen Stewart." "That's when I feel the most fulfilled, when at the end I feel like I've slaughtered myself. And it's so worth it."

So it's probably only fitting that she's turned on by a like mind.

"For me, the most attractive thing in a person is drive—genuine impulse expressed for the sake of it, not for perception," Stewart says. "I think that's hot." The need to create "is a compulsion and I share that."

As for the people whom she chooses to surround herself with, the newly minted César Award winner says, "It's not hard for me to figure out who I like or who my friends are. I trust my energy meter, but I'm also not afraid to let me people in who might hurt me."

"I do not approach my life tactfully at all," Stewart adds. "I'm incredibly impulsive and I am definitely an intense weirdo. I love living and I love people. They trip me out and I want to know more about them all the time. That isn't something I can turn off and on."

Kristen Stewart, Cesar Awards


And she's been putting that curiosity and lust for life to great use on camera lately.

On our shores, Stewart played one of Julianne Moore's daughters in Still Alice, for which Moore just won the Best Actress Oscar (and every other award) for her role as a professor battling early-onset Alzheimer's disease. And while it doesn't hit U.S. theaters till April 10, the French were loving Stewart's performance in Clouds of Sils Maria, making her the first American actress ever to win a César, their equivalent of an Oscar.

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