Christian Grey leads a pretty secretive life when it comes to sex, filled with non-disclosure agreements and secret rooms, so did it ever make you wonder how the famous Red Room of Pain came to be if no one is allowed to know about the lead's XXX pastime?

Well, Saturday Night Live asked the same question and finally poked fun at the actual movie. Unfortunately, the hilarious skit didn't make the cut, but it is available to watch now! The scene shows Grey, played by Kyle Mooney, showing Dakota Johnson the renovations his playroom is undergoing, only to discover the contractors, Nico and Sal Renzetti, are still in there. Naturally, Johnson, staying in character as Anastasia Steele, gets nervous just thinking about the men knowing about their secret.

"So nice to finally put a face to the measurements," Sal jokes in the skit that didn't make it to air. 

Dakota Johnson, New Playroom, Saturday Night Live


The jokes don't stop there, as the contractors say they're experiencing delays because of all the special orders that needed to be made.

"Until those things show up our hands are tied," Sal retorts, which causes Nico to call him out for the great pun. Jokes "aside," the two brothers assure her, "We're putting together a real nice sex room for you, miss."

Whew. Thank goodness for that!

The skit continues to poke fun at the concept of building the Red Room, with the Renzetti brothers claiming some of the toys will disrupt the "structural integrity" of the room. Much to Christian's delight, however, they were able to work out the kinks, including the weight of a sex chair! At that moment Kenan Thompson emerges to "test" the chair's weight capabilities LOL.

"This thing ain't going nowhere," he reassures the couple.

Watch the video above to see what else the contractors have to offer in the updated Red Room!

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