And now for a video of one of the most incredible real-life rescues we've ever seen.

22-year-old Christopher Jones was in stage five of his Accelerated Free Fall program at the Western Australia Skydiving Academy when he had a his near death experience, which he called "possibly the scariest moment of my life."

Jones jumped out of the plane at 12,000 feet, with his instructor Robin O'Neill jumping soon after. For a few moments, Jones is seen enjoying his free fall, but suddenly the jump turns disastrous.

"At around 9,000 feet I have a seizure while attempting a left hand turn," he writes in the YouTube description. "I then spend the next 30 seconds in free fall unconscious."

Thankfully, O'Neill, who is also the business manager and chief instructor of the academy, was able to keep calm and diffuse what could have been a tragic situation. His first attempt to grab Jones fails, but O'Neill is then able to pull his ripcord at about 4,000 feet. Jones said he became conscious at 3,000 feet and was able to land safely.

Watch footage of the amazing rescue in the video above.

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