Stephanie Pratt, Ryan Seacrest

Sadao Turner/KIIS-FM Los Angeles

We were a bit surprised when Spencer's sister Stephanie apologized to L.C. on a recent episode of The Hills. But probably not more so than big bro Spence, who was less than thrilled.

"It’s awful. Spencer [made] me cry hysterically and we didn’t talk for two weeks. He was genuinely mad. I don’t think I was at fault," Stephanie tells Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM morning show.

Aw. Poor Spencer, betrayed by his own sis. But was he? Or was Stephanie's olive branch offering to Lauren just a way of getting back at her backstabbing bro?

"[Spencer] did the same thing to me. I’ll say this in an episode coming up. He became best friends with my ex-boyfriend when I hated him. He would have him over every day," says Stephanie. 

Wow. First the Spencer/Lauren saga, then the Heidi/Lauren saga, then the Stephanie/Lauren saga, and now a Spencer/Stephanie saga? We can officially say this is getting way out of control. But we can't lie—we love us some drama! 

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