Jessica Simpson

Nancy Kaszerman/

Jessica Simpson was hospitalized for a minor kidney infection and is now recuperating...with the world watching. If she so much as hiccups, we'll bring you the breaking news.

Amy Winehouse is said to be moving to her third house in less than four months, claiming to be running from “demons” who keep showing up to her home. Weird how all her heroin dealers are named “Demon.” Must be like “Smith” here.

Two radio DJs you’ve never heard of are the latest in a long line of people to hate on Dane Cook, saying he’s not funny. Cook was going to respond, but he was too busy being successful, handsome and rich.

The Sex and the City women are apparently fighting over who gets to donate the most money to ailing children orphaned by the genocide in Darfur wear the prettiest dresses.

• Brangelina have rented a house in Texas. It has a real WWF ring! A large pool! An enormous master bedroom! And a custom-made 9-foot wide bed!

Meanwhile, Jen started her own production company. (Cough.) That’s nice, too.

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