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    How do you Attend a Taping of The Soup?

    The Soup - Behind the Scenes: Joel McHale, Wolf E! Networks


    So, you think you have what it takes to be an audience member at The Soup? Well, maybe you do and maybe you don’t and, then again, maybe you do. Or...don’t. We really can’t make up our minds on this.

    Let’s put it to a quiz: If you can respond in the affirmative (i.e., answer yes) to any of the following three questions, then we’re afraid you are decidedly not The Soup audience material.

    1. Are you legally bound to remain a minimum of 500 feet from any member of The Soup cast or crew, excluding certain production assistants who are desperate for any form of human contact?

    2. When watching a film or play in a theater environment are you prone to a lot of shouting and carrying on? Specifically, we’re referring to joshing around or horsing off with friends while others are trying to enjoy the show around you. Also, not welcome: any form of rumpusry, ballyhoo, hubbub or ruckussing.

    3. Are you now or have you ever been a member of taxonomic classification Ursus arctos horribilis?

    If you were legitimately able to answer no to all three of the above questions—we’ll know if you are lying, bears—then you might just be the kind of person we’re after!

    Well, except for the following:


    Tapings of The Soup are currently not open to the general public due to a few annoying but ultimately impenetrable legal restrictions. The audience that you hear in the background is typically made up of a handful of E! employees and their guests. Yes, as you so rightly claim, that is mass lame, and we hope to conquer it some day, but as of now you are only able to enjoy the show from the comfort of your homes and not on a hard plastic chair in a strange, lonely television studio that frequently smells of tar. (No, really, it does.)



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