Rum and Coke

Fashion designer Courtney Smith is promoting a more inclusive definition of "model."

Smith, who helms the new women's wear line Rum + Coke, has chosen to only use "larger" women of color as models for her brand. For the record: The New York-based designer's collection features sizes from 2 to 22 for women. Her campaign puts forth a more diverse, realistic and accepting image of women, who are normally surrounded by the slim-means-pretty body ideals portrayed in high fashion editorials and in Hollywood.

The designer opened up to Refinery 29 about Rum + Coke's photo shoots: "No one questions why there are only small women in other brands' shoots. I put women of color and 'larger' women in my photo shoots for many reasons," Smith said. "One, because I believe in the multiplicity of beauty, and two, there are so many women who seldom see women who look like them in advertisements."

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Even more reason to dig Smith's debut collection: With prices ranging from $48 to $200, her pieces are affordable, too. The line includes a chic array of skirts, dresses and jumpsuits in bold hues and whimsical fabrics.

Rum + Coke's party-ready moniker, meanwhile, is derived from Smith's nickname: Coco. (The addition of "rum," according to the designer, was to add a bit of "fun" to the brand.)

"I want women to be their most beautiful selves," Smith said of her inspiration behind the collection. "There are so many negative messages: You're not thin enough, you're not young enough, you're not light enough...I was inspired to create Rum + Coke to send a different message: You, woman, are enough."

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