Michelle Rodriguez

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Apparently, wearing a police ankle bracelet is apparently enough to drive you around the bend. Michelle Rodriguez posts her law-enforcement conspiracy theories on her official Website. And if ever a covert branch of the government was going to send black choppers to spy on someone…this would be the time. Get Michelle's ramblings after the break.

"Webmaster Note: Due to the public and the media questioning and negatively interpreting the motives behind her recent 'police anklet' appearance at the Marc Jacobs show, it has become obvious that the true explanation should come from none other than Michelle herself, and she has been open enough to provide it. Here is her honest personal truth, along with the story of the events leading up to it.

"February 16, 2007
"Sheesh, I don't even know where to start. How about a year and a half ago, six months into the shoot of a show I was working on in Hawaii.

"I was on the phone with my agents back and forth for about a week straight on the subject of getting off the show due to the fact that I had to be injected with steroids every two weeks so I wouldn't look like a hive infested chipmunk every morning. I'm highly allergic to cockroach resin, dust mites and mold, three elements that are prevalent in Oahu. Six months of this grueling process of steroid injections was beginning to affect me. I was under an agreement for a season and a half, so my characters story could evolve and end, so I decided not to rock any boats and ride it out. Besides Hawaii is my second home allergies and all, I love it there.

"I was at the mall when I checked my messages and found that I was invited to watch Eve's episode at her home. I had been working on the show for about 6 to 7 months and hadn't really had many moments to get to know some of the cast because some of us barely worked together, so I thought this would be a good opportunity. Being that I was going to spend christmas and new years off the island i thought 'why not buy a nice bottle of champagne and chocolates.' So I did and I left the mall and made my way to Eve's house...

"I get there we watch the episode, eat some food, drink some champagne, talk about our holiday plans, and I decide to go because I've got an hour drive home to the north shore where I lived. Eve tells me I've had a drink and should probably stay over if it's getting late. I thought to myself: well what if I have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and I pee too loud, or what if I snore, sleep walk, or talk in my sleep." I didn't feel like I knew her well enough to embarrass myself in her home, let alone sleep over. My first inclination was Hotel. Then my friend and fellow cast member whom I had been working with every day says: 'stay over my house I'm five minutes from here.' I thought to myself, I feel comfortable around her, she wouldn't be surprised by anything I do... So I decided, five minutes away, at 15 miles an hour, never killed a pot head... So my dumb ass followed her home. I guess a drink or two can make you reason like a teenager or an insecure dork.

We get stopped driving like 15 miles an hour down a 35 to 40 mph road. I cry, this sucks ass, I get over it take pictures with some cops at precinct on their camera phone, take a breathalyzer and go home a couple of hours later. I hire some lawyer from Hawaii, lose my 28 acres of land and my home in Jersey paying him off, just so I can get the same treatment I would have gotten from a public defender. I realized my payday in movies was way better than T.V. at that moment....

So, long story short I finish my work over there in Hawaii, do my time, then I come to L.A. spend christmas and new years in rehab, " cause it's the Right thing to do." I get get bitch slapped by uncle sam again in hollywood. I do my time in L.A., i get out in a couple of hours because they only have room for real criminals like killers, drug dealers, and rapists. I pay fines, do my community service, and I get a sentence to wear a bracelet for three months. The bracelet is to detect liquor content in your sweat every half hour it takes a reading using some split fuel cell type technology. I go to get this thing put on and I realize this thing is like a freaking VCR, and why do they care If I drink, what am I gonna do, drink and walk over someone, I have no license. Anyway I put this contraption on and the second day the guy calls me and says you've got an alcohol reading. I was like, I haven't had any liquor. He's like, well you can't use listerine, no shampoo, or soap, or lotion, or perfume, with alcohol in it. I tried to get them to put me in jail but they had their mind set on this bracelet. So I go away to new york a couple of months ago and I get another reading, I'm like are you kidding me Im f-cking Fasting... I was on the cayenne peeper lemon water cleanse for four days straight, all I had in my system was lemon, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and water... After about three readings from this thing I started to feel a bit like a pawn, I didn't like the Idea that I could do possible jail time for using the wrong shampoo, fasting out toxins, or having vanilla in my tea. I felt like a guinea pig for a new technology. I think that level of vigilance is great for alcoholics, druggies, and heroin addicts. Yet I felt for someone like me, who loves her life too much to f*ck it up for a sip of a beverage, this level of control just isn't necessary. Thank God I got to take it off for a month or so to go work on "Battle in Seattle". It felt so good to be out of the country. Yet soon I was back in L.A. and Back to the bull Sh*t, a year and a half after Hawaii, I'm still hearing about this looming shed skin of the past. Pretty primal mentality to live in what happened as if it still is.

I came up with the Idea of embracing the inevitable, with the hint of obvious irony. I decided on my trip to New York's fashion week to make a statement that I felt was necessary to express my truth. Hence the orwell 1984 reference in white out on the 'Vigil Net Government Dog Tag.' What show better than Marc Jacobs. I feel good knowing that some people out there know what's really going on and maybe then at least have an idea where my insanity stems from. Life's a bitch and then I laugh. I just don't like being toyed with. I'm a full on believer that we create our own chaos, yet those that are strong will always get the shorter end of the stick, thats when i step back, weigh things, evaluate them, and stand stronger than I was before the storm. One things for sure I'll take FBI approved truth serum over a VCR Dog Tag any day of the week. I've got nothing to hide."

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