When you're Coco Rocha, asking designer pal Zac Posen to whip up some baby wear is no big deal, right?

The Canadian model chatted with E! News at the New York Ball last night, and couldn't resist gushing about her plans to dress her sweet unborn daughter.

"I definitely want him to design [for her]," Rocha spilled. "I was like, Zac, wouldn't it be funny to have the cutest little baby gown? It would be the best gown a baby's ever had!"

Coco Rocha

Monica Schipper/FilmMagic

The pregnant model, who's expecting her first child with husband James Conran this spring, showed off her teeny-tiny bump in a long-sleeved Zac Posen design at the event. Sleek retro curls and bold red lips completed the 26-year-old's glam evening look. But when it came to selecting her elegant evening wear, Rocha revealed that dressing to accommodate a baby bump is harder than it looks.  

"When I've been picking my outfits lately they've been harder to zip up, so I was like, Zac, find a gown that will give the bump," Rocha said.  "It's funny how your body changes just a little bit, and you're like that doesn't fit anymore! So Zac is clever in any design."

And we'd have to agree— Zac is clever, because we can hardly tell she's got a bump at all!

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