Think of your favorite celebrity. Chances are, Michael Kors is behind at least one (if not several) of the dresses you've seen them wear on the red carpet. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood are Michael's biggest fans, among them Blake Lively, Hilary Swank, and many more.

In the clip above, various celebs gush over Michael's incredible talents as fashion designer as well as his impact on their personal lives.

"He is really supportive of somebody's fashion evolution and cultivating a sense of style," Kerry Washington points out. "He's dressed me for a very long time, when some others wouldn't and I've always been very grateful."

Scandal, Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn


"He creates this dream that everyone wants a piece of," adds supermodel Karlie Kloss. "And Michael has one of the biggest hearts of anyone you'll meet and he has made this world a little bit more glamorous of a place."

Watch the above clip to hear what other A-list stars have to say about Michael's iconic sense of fashion and style and tune-in tonight to see even more of his amazing story!

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