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Life as a newlywed for Jill Duggar is nothing short of perfection.

So says her mom, Michelle Duggar, who headed to the family's official website Monday morning to give fans an update on her daughter's status as a wife.

To nobody's surprise, there's a whole lot of love around this TLC family.

"It's just so sweet to watch these guys and girls that are really in love," Michelle wrote about Jill and Derick Dillard's married relationship. "Love is in the air and it's good for all of us to be around that, even if the little siblings have to go, 'Oh no, they're kissing again, oh my!"

The deeply religious couple waited until their wedding day to share their first kiss. In fact, Jill and Derick didn't even hold hands until they were engaged.

"I know God's going to use that love to help stretch in ways that they might not otherwise try, because that's the good thing about marriage. It really does stretch us and helps us to become the person that God would want us to be," she shared. "You're much more willing to get out of your comfort zone when it's with somebody that you deeply love."

Jill Duggar, Derick Dillard


As any parent knows, seeing your child get married can sometimes bring changes to the family dynamic. Such was the case for Michelle whose daughter decided to move out of the family home to start a new life with her husband.

Although she sometimes finds herself missing her baby girl, Michelle says the move has been better than expected.

"I think it's been a very smooth transition for Jill and Derick," she explained. "She's got her house set up and she's already had company over. It's so sweet to see them starting their lives and their family together."

Despite their new status as husband and wife, Jill and Derick won't be calling the extended Duggar family strangers anytime soon.

"We always make sure to include them in our family events in case they want to be a part of things," Michelle clarified. "They'll come over and celebrate birthdays and other events with us when they can."

Luckily, TLC cameras will be catching it all as this family continues to evolve.

"It was truly the joy of her life to marry Derick and they both feel so blessed to have each other," Michelle added. "They are just really, really happy to be married and enjoying married life."

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