Tig Notaro

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Here's yet another reason why Tig Notaro is a woman who can't help but blaze a trail of inspiration (and laughter, of course) wherever she goes.

As detailed on The New Yorker's website today, the comedian—who broke through in a big way when she revealed during a stand-up set in 2012 that she had breast cancer and proceeded to bring the house down—responded to a catcall-type whoop from an audience member at her show in NYC last night by ripping open her shirt, scars from a double mastectomy fully visible, and continuing to perform topless for 20 minutes.

Performing at The Town Hall, a stop on her Boyish Girl Interrupted Tour, Notaro was telling a bit about getting a pat-down at the airport and the female security agent thought that she was in the wrong line.

"She didn't feel any boobs and she didn't feel a bra," the petite brunette, whose style of dress can be described as androgynous, recalled. "She looked up at my face, really drank it in. Apparently that didn't help."

"I knew all I had to do was talk. She'd hear my voice and she would know that I'm female. But I really didn't want to help her."

Notaro has finished that story and unbuttoned her blazer when a "whooo" emerged somewhere from the depths of the audience, presumably someone's hilarious response to the baby step toward being undressed that is the unbuttoning of a jacket.

"You know, it's funny," the 43-year-old entertainer reportedly continued. "I was going to do this show with my shirt off anyway. I'm about one more 'whooo' away from going topless."

Then came the "whooos" and Notaro subsequently ripped her shirt right open, boom!

No bra, bare skin, scars of life and cancer survival right there for all to see.

And so she finished her set that way, got a standing ovation, buttoned up and darted through the room toward the lobby after a performance that sounds about as fearless as it gets.

It's not the set in question, but enjoy some Tig Notaro stand-up right here:

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