Padma Lakshmi

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Being able to eat whatever you want and not gain weight—isn't that the dream?!

Padma Lakshmi stepped out on Thursday in New York City looking ab fab! The 44-year-old wore a blue sports bra lined with purple trim and black skintight leggings. The only thing between Lakshmi and the cold New York weather was an unzipped black jacket.

Clearly, Top Chef hasn't ruined her figure a bit! In an interview with Us Weekly, the star admitted she goes up two dress sizes while filming the show and then loses the weight again during the off-season.

Lakshmi said, "I love food way too much to starve myself just to look good. I will put in the work at the gym so I can enjoy what I eat." Preach girl!

Padma Lakshmi

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The TV host even said that in her experience, she's found men like women with a little bit more to love, saying, "Men don't want skinny girls. When I was a size 14, I got much more attention from men than I do now."

While the model may love food, she still works to maintain a healthy diet. Lakshmi also told Us Weekly that her eating habits include avoiding sweets, alcohol, cheese, fried food and wheat. However, her love for pizza, nachos and potato chips still wins out in the end sometimes, she says.

In October, Padma was seen out in the Big Apple after splitting with boyfriend Richard Gere. The actor and model dated for six months before calling it quits.

Now, excuse us while we go eat some pizza and sulk over not having Padma's insane six-pack!

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