Apparently the Big Island can lead to even bigger mistakes!

As Wheel of Fortune continues filming at the Hilton Waikoloa Village in Hawaii, one contestant made quite the memorable error while competing on Tuesday's show.

One female contestant shouted out the letter "L" as she tried to get one step closer to solving the puzzle. When host Pat Sajak revealed there weren't any in the puzzle, the next player got to pick a letter.

Whether you want to believe it or not, he actually asked for "L" again. Can you say, epic fail?!

While the crowd and even fellow contestants burst out into laughter, the man in question couldn't help but notice his mistake and bow his head down.

And although the viral video is titled "Wheel of Stupid," we'd like to give the contestant a break. Besides, we can always blame it on the gorgeous Vanna White. So distracting right, fellas?

Wheel of Fortune Fail


This isn't the first contestant to go viral on the long-running series.

Over the summer, a contestant named Stephen could not solve one of the easiest puzzles we've ever seen.

When he tried to figure out the obvious song lyrics from The Beach Boys, the frazzled player repeated "Surf Clay Where We GO" instead of "Surf City, Here We Come."

Nothing, however, can compare to the Wheel of Fortune college player who successfully managed to get all the letters of a puzzle turned over. Unfortunately, he lost the round because he failed to pronounce all the words correctly.

Don't think he'll be mispronouncing "Mythological Hero Achilles" anytime soon.

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