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When is the best wedding ever happening?!

One Direction member Zayn Malik appeared on BBC Breakfast this week where he was asked about his highly publicized engagement.

Despite putting a ring on girlfriend Perrie Edwards' finger back in August 2013, the twosome has yet to plan their romantic day.

"We haven't really thought about the wedding side of things yet, or how we're going to do it," he shared. "We're just kind of engaged. We just haven't had time to organize things like that."

In his defense, Malik is only 21, an age where getting married doesn't exactly have to be done tomorrow.

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Malik was also asked about whether he knows who his best man is going to be.

While Directioners are hoping for a One Direction member to take the coveted spot, the former X-Factor star has no idea who it will be.

"I think it would be quite hard to pick one," Malik shared before Louis Tomlinson butted in. "It's a bit awkward then, isn't it?" he joked. "As long as we're invited."

News of Malik's engagement first spread when his fiancé's mom confirmed the exciting news on a radio show. "It's true," she shared. "They got engaged on Saturday [Aug. 18] and it was absolutely lovely.

And although a significant amount of time has passed since the news broke, Malik still takes time to surprise his leading lady.

"I do try to impress her still," he shared with E! News when asked what he's doing before the big day. "I do try to do a bit of exercise. I don't want to completely let myself go." 

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