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    Bret Michaels' Destructive Love?

    When Bret Michaels goes looking for love, he doesn't let anything get in his way—not even walls, perhaps.  

    The Poison rocker turned reality-TV lothario has been added to a breach-of-contract lawsuit filed Friday against the producers of Rock of Love by the owner of the $9 million home where they filmed the VH1 series' second season last winter.

    Ray Sahranavard claims at least $380,000 worth of damage was done to his Encino, Calif., mansion after Mindless Entertainment Inc. promised to take care of the residence and provide an additional $3 million of liability insurance for him—just in case. 

    According to his complaint, upon returning to his home after two months of filming, Sahranavard found holes in the walls and ceilings, the doors had been removed, most of his grass and outdoor plants had died, and the interior of the home had been almost entirely repainted. 

    A general contractor assessed the damage at $380,000, but then the producers attempted to distance themselves from what went on inside the house, claiming they were not aware of what Michaels was up to when not being monitored by the company, the lawsuit states. They later admitted they never obtained the extra insurance, either.

    In his original suit (view the document), the disgruntled homeowner accused Mindless Entertainment of breach of contract, fraud, negligence and negligent misrepresentation. And on Wednesday, he amended the complaint to include Michaels as a defendant, also accusing the 45-year-old musician of intentional destruction of property. (View the amendment.)

    Reps for Michaels and Mindless have not yet commented on the suit. 

    But if it doesn't work out with Daisy or Ambre on Sunday's season finale, it appears as if Rock of Love will be searching for new digs should Michaels' quest for further public ridicule continue.