For George Clooney, playing a real-life peacemaker can be a risky venture.

The activist-minded actor reveals in the latest issue of British men's magazine Zoo Weekly how he found himself staring down the business end of machine guns brandished by child soldiers during a recent trip to Darfur.

"There were all these young kids with AK-47s," Clooney said. "They went through the car and took what they wanted. We hid all our tapes and stuff, but they pointed the guns at us and stole what they could. It happens all the time."

When he's not writing, directing and/or acting in movies, the Michael Clayton star moonlights as a United Nations Messenger of Peace to call attention to the refugee crisis plaguing the war-torn region of Sudan.

In the sit-down, Clooney noted that the militia members never fully realized just who they were holding up as the Oscar winner and his crew were driving through a checkpoint.

"They don't have great TV out there!"

Clooney, 46, produced and narrated last year's documentary A Journey to Darfur, which chronicles his visits—with his TV-anchor father, Nick Clooney—to camps in Darfur and Chad in 2006.

While there, they talked with survivors of the genocide to call attention to the thousands of Africans who've died in the past five years as the result of coordinated attacks by the Sudanese government-backed Arab militias known as the Janjaweed.

Clooney has repeatedly used his celebrity to lobby the U.S. and its Western allies to step up efforts to pressure the Sudan to halt the slaughter and reestablish peace.

"There are innocent people there being put in harm's way in the most brutal of fashions," he added. "The world needs to step up. People need to come forward and say 'genocide is taking place.'"

During his Zoo Q&A, he also dished about how he feels being one of Hollywood's most desirable leading men.

"Well, I do have good hair!" he quipped, before playing down his sex-symbol rep. "To be honest, being the fantasy guy is dangerous. If people saw me up close, they'd soon change their minds! Plus people's fantasy guys change every 15 minutes, so you take those compliments knowing that it will change fairly quickly."

Ladies, cover your ears.

Clooney then admitted to having "many failings," perhaps the most notable being that he's a "terrible dancer."

The A-lister also swept aside tabloid reports that his Ocean's mate, Brad Pitt, and his partner Angelina Jolie asked him to be godfather to their unborn child.

The gossip got churning after Clooney apparently made a joke to some paparazzi outside a Hollywood eatery, an assertion his publicist later denied.  He also made a similar denial last month regarding a rumor that Nicole Kidman invited him to be godfather to her tyke after she gives birth.

Clooney has been making the media rounds this week to plug his latest directorial-starring effort, the screwball pigskin comedy Leatherheads, which costars Renée Zellweger, coming out Friday.

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