The peanut gallery has stepped up its game considerably.

Hot off the (temporarily) successful legume inundation of 2007—which gave CBS' ratings-challenged Jericho a brief stay of execution—fans of the Nielsen-deprived vampire drama Moonlight are staging an appropriately themed save-our-show stunt of their own.

They're teaming up with the American Red Cross to organize a nationwide blood drive to rally support for a second season of the series.

As it stands, 3,955 cyberMoonlighters have pledged their plasma via an online petition promoting the drives at

"We fans of the television show Moonlight want to show our support for the show, and to request that CBS renew Moonlight for a second season," the petition, addressed to "CBS Executives," reads. "We feel this show has everything you could want from a show! It has drama, romance and action. We hope CBS is wise and renews it."

The blood drive isn't the only fan campaign that's been launched in hopes of saving the series.

Earlier this week, three of the series' biggest fansites,, and, teamed up to launch Operation: Renew Moonlight, in which they encourage fans to send cloves of garlic to CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler.

Trouble is, all their efforts may be for naught.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the show, which has four original episodes remaining when it returns to the air this month, is in no immediate danger of cancellation and is in fact already likely to be renewed for fall.

Potential ineffectuality aside, the campaign has already had one positive benefit. Per the trade, thanks to the attention the blood drives have drawn, Moonlight star Alex O'Loughlin is expected to be named a spokesperson for the Red Cross later this week.

The series returns to CBS April 25.

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