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    Charlize Theron Doesn't Miss Her 20-Year-Old "Fat, Plump Face": "I've Loved Getting Older"

    Charlize Theron, Braids Jason Merritt/Getty Images

    Does Charlize Theron hate aging in Hollywood? Hell no!

    "I've loved getting older; I really have," the 39-year-old Oscar winner admits to Red magazine. "That doesn't mean I don't have moments when I look in the mirror and find myself going, ‘Oh my god,' but I'm much more at ease looking at myself now than when I was 20 and I had gorgeous skin and a fat, plump face. I looked at myself then and I didn't appreciate any of it. Also, there was something about my beauty at that time that almost felt like it was waiting to be this age. I was so desperate to, like, have some kind of experience in my life, like not feeling that I came from the world of modeling. It was like I was waiting to look at my face and see life."

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    Charlize Theron Jason Merritt/Getty Images

    And aging isn't the only thing the actress is super-confident about.

    When asked about personal strength, Sean Penn's gal dished, "I'm strong because I'm not scared of my weaknesses. I allow myself to be weak. For women, there's great strength and bravery in understanding that you can't be strong all the time and it took me a while, way later in my life, to understand there is real strength in being vulnerable and being OK with that."

    As for how she stays slim and fit, the blond beauty said, "It helps that I live in LA. There's a lifestyle there. People are always active and outside and I love that. I've always loved yoga, as the movements remind me of dancing, so it comes naturally and I like what it does to my body. Um, and maybe the past five years, I picked up Spinning and that's how I like to get my cardio now. I used to run, but I like Spinning a lot more. I probably do yoga three times a week and Spinning three times a week, but it has to be flexible."

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