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Happy birthday to the one, the only, Beyoncé!

The self-proclaimed diva turns 33 this year and in keeping with tradition, she traveled overseas to enjoy some quality down time with her family.

Jay-Z, Blue Ivy and Yoncé were all spotted arriving on a private jet at Bastia-Poretta airport in Corsica, where they're expected to enjoy a peaceful vacation in the South of France.

According to a source, Jay tipped their hostess on the private jet a hefty sum of €500, and when she returned to provide him with change, the rapper laughed and refused to accept. How nice!

E! News has also learned that the Carters have chartered a luxury yacht that rents for around $800,000 per week.


And while there have been rumors that the music power couple have hit a rough patch in their marriage, an insider explains that the two are moving forward as a united front.

"They've had their problems, but they're still solid. Going away for Beyoncé's birthday in September is a tradition they have. It's a chance to get some quality time together and relax far from worries about their crazy work schedules."

Meanwhile, Bey's staff over at Parkwood Entertainment gave her a special surprise in honor of her big day.

An adorable throwback pic (it is Thursday, after all) of her with a birthday-themed party hat was posted on the Grammy winner's website earlier today, along with a sweet video of a cake made just for Queen Bey.

The clip of someone cutting a slice of cake was accompanied by the following heartfelt message: "It's B Day! The Parkwood Entertainment family has taken over a small slice of to send a special birthday wish. Happy Birthday, Beyoncé and may this new year of life be sweeter than them all!"

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