Gwen Stefani was the first person to laugh at herself after mispronouncing The Colbert Report at the Emmys last month. When she stopped by NBC's Late Night Wednesday, the No Doubt singer told host Seth Meyers she was "freaking out" before she presented the award to Stephen Colbert and his crew.

"You did a great job," she said. "I don't think you messed any names, did you?" Meyers replied, "I mess up names all the time." He then jokingly mangled Adam Levine, Pharrell and Christina Aguilera's names.

The night before the Emmys, Stefani attended the MTV Video Music Awards. "I hadn't been there in so long and I walked on the red carpet and it was, like, electric. It was like the opposite of the Emmys red carpet," she said. The fashion was different, too. "All I could see was butt cheeks everywhere!" she said.

NEWS: Stephen Colbert humorously reacts to Gwen Stefani's flub

Stefani also talked about her new gig as a coach on NBC's The Voice.

"It is weird because back in the day we'd go to Kinkos, we'd make our flyers, we'd pass 'em out we'd go to our P.O. box and get our fan mail–like our 10 letters—and then we'd take like 10 weeks to write 'em back. It was just a different time. I remember back a few years ago when Kelly Clarkson came out and I lost all my VMA awards to her and I was like, 'OK, well I guess then now times have changed. You can be on a talent show and make it in music,'" she said. "So I feel like The Voice now, if you have a single and you want to break your music, that's where you go to play it. It's kind of what's happening right now."

Stefani was pregnant when she got the job offer. "I got this call out of nowhere," she said. "My parents were over...I just put the phone down and I was like, 'My life is so weird. They just asked me to do The Voice." The musician joked, "I feel like I've been in a cocoon having a baby and now I'm like a butterfly."

The "Hey Baby" singer called her youngest son, Apollo, a "miracle" baby.

Stefani's eldest son, 8-year-old Kingston Rossdale, had hoped he'd get another sibling for quite some time. "He has like a direct link to God, basically. He asked me, 'Mom, are you gonna have a baby? I want you to have a baby,'" she recalled. "I was like, 'It's over. We're not having any more. This is our family.'"

Imitating her son, the singer said, "'Dear God, please let my mom have a baby. Please, God! Please let my mom have a baby!'" To Stefani's surprise, her son's prayers were answered. "I swear to you, he prayed every single night and four weeks later I was pregnant," she recalled. "I brought out a cake after we found out it was really going to happen, and it said, 'We're having a baby!' I made him read it...and he goes, 'Ah! I prayed for that!'" According to the "Cool" singer, her eldest son with Gavin Rossdale "prays for everything. He's like, 'Please, God! Please let me have another cupcake!' He really believes."

To hear all about when First Lady Michelle Obama visited Stefani's house a few years ago for a fundraising event—and how the singer's son Kingston misbehaved—watch the Late Night clip now.

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