2014 Toronto Film Festival: TIFF by the Numbers

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    Jennifer Aniston
    Jennifer Aniston Jag Gundu/Getty Images

    The 2014 Toronto International Film Festival kicks off with a bang tomorrow when Robert Downey Jr. pops into the city for the opening night gala premiere of his new movie The Judge.

    In the days that follow, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Jake Gyllenhaal, Denzel Washington, Channing Tatum, Anna Kendrick and many more will be jetting into Tee-Ohh.

    To celebrate Canada's premier moviepalooza, we're giving you TIFF by the numbers. Have a look…

    Year of the first Festival of Festivals: 1976

    Year that the Festival of Festivals was renamed the Toronto International Film Festival: 1994

    Days of this year's TIFF: 11

    Number of people who attended the first fest: 35,000

    People predicted to attend this year: 500,000

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    Joseph Gordon-Levitt George Pimentel/WireImage

    Films screened at first festival: 127

    Films to be screened this year: 393

    Screening venues used by TIFF: 34

    Year that Slumdog Millionaire premiered at TIFF: 2008

    Number of Oscars that Slumdog Millionaire won: 8

    Cost of an adult ticket to a TIFF screening: $22

    Cost of a ticket to tonight's Opening Gala: $1,378

    Number of miles from Hollywood to Toronto: 2,183

    Cost of a round-trip flight on a 13-seat Gulfstream GIVS-SP private jet between Hollywood and Toronto: $70,000**

    Cost of an 11-seater Gulfstream 4 for the same trip: $95,500***

    Cost of a round-trip coach ticket on Air Canada for the same trip: $1,507

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    Julia Roberts Jason Merritt/Getty Images

    Hotel rooms at the Four Seasons Toronto: 259

    Square footage of the most expensive room, The Royal Suite, at the Four Seasons Toronto: 3,830

    Royal Suite's rate per night: $13,792.22

    Concierge agents at the Four Seasons during TIFF: 10

    Concierge agents during the rest of the year: 5

    Number of movie-inspired cocktails available at the Four Seasons lobby lounge dbar: 11

    Length in seconds of Tourism Toronto's video promoting TIFF: 92

    Celebs appearing in the Tourism Toronto video: 16

    (*All money is in U.S. dollars, **source: Glenn Hinderstein, president of Glencoe Aviation Group, ***source: Jason Couvillion, partner at Bruvion Travel)

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