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    Ellen Barkin, 60, Looks Fabulous in Unretouched Violet Files Photo Shoot—See the Pics!

    Ellen Barkin, Violet Grey Cedric Buchet/Violet Grey

    No Photoshop for Ellen Barkin, please.

    The 60-year-old Drop Dead Gorgeous actress took part in a recent photo shoot for Violet Grey's online magazine The Violet Files, which says she "asked that her appearance not be altered or retouched," a move it called "brave" and "even provocative."

    "I feel strongly about retouching," Barkin, who appears to be wearing dark eye makeup in the pics, told the outlet. "I looked at those pictures and I knew they expected like seven X's to come back on the bags under my eyes or the lines around my mouth or my neck but I thought we could do something special here. Those pictures with the dark circles under my eyes are exactly what I look like."

    "Except when I am working, I never wear makeup," she added. "Like right now I have nothing on my face but eyebrow pencil, because as a young girl I tweezed all my eyebrows off. Given that, I take unbelievably good care of my skin. I never go to bed without washing my face and I never wake up without washing my face. And I sleep in a mask every night I sleep alone."

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    The Violet Files also reported that Barkin had her hair cut from a bob to a pixie cut while on set. The actress, who has showcased cropped hairstyles with long bangs at celebrity events over the past months, is seen in the pictures sporting a short, side-swept fringe.

    "What makes me an attractive woman comes from in here," she told the magazine, putting her hand over her chest.

    Check out more photos from Barkin's Violet Files photo shoot below.

    Ellen Barkin, Violet Grey Cedric Buchet/Violet Grey
    Ellen Barkin, Violet Grey Cedric Buchet/Violet Grey

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