Haute Dog

Give your inner posh self a treat this Labor Day weekend with haute dogs and bubbly. Yes, as we bid farewell to the last of BBQ season, why not fancy up those wieners the Jesse Miller way. We promise you, extravagant touches, global toppings and libations will make your guests a little too comfortable in your backyard. 

First things first, let's make this real exciting and get the best dog out there. Miller, Executive Chef of Chicago's Bangers and Lace, uses the most classic and unbeatable of Chicago hot dogs: Vienna Beef. And for our friends on the east coast he recommends Sabrett Hot Dogs.  

Haute Dog

Next up, compatible bread choices:

1.Steamed Poppy: Steamed poppy seed buns such as, S. Ronen's Mary Ann, are a great option. The softness of the bun pairs well with the crunch of all of the ingredients.
2.A Brioche Bun:
A Brioche bun is perfect for a fancier hot dog and holds all of the toppings in place.
3. Focaccia:
For that salty kick Focaccia is a fun choice. Cut it into slices with a small slit in each for the hot dog and toppings.

Now on to toppings, this is where your efforts will set you apart. Here are some mouth-puckering suggestions:

1.Sambal Sweet and Savory: At Bangers & Lace, we recently created a really refreshing hot dog. We take sambal and mix it with peach jam for a spicy/sweet taste and then we top it with freshly chopped cucumbers.
2. Fiery Bacon Cheese:
For a great topping combo try pickled jalapeños with bacon and pimiento cheese. The bacon adds another note of savory flavor, and an extra crunch.
It's easy to find in a jar and it gives the hot dog so much flavor and texture.
4. Chorizo Aioli:
The fanciest aioli out there! Just some store-bought mayo, cooked chorizo (drain off the excess fat after cooking), roasted garlic, lemon juice and zest all mixed together.

Haute Dog

Every hot dog needs a killer sidekick. Here are some top options:

1. Taro: Instead of the usual potato chips, buy taro chips (Terra) and serve them with hummus garnished with cilantro
2. Deviled Eggs :
Always perfect for a BBQ and you can add any assortment of interesting ingredients like truffles, chorizo or foie gras into the egg mixture.
3. Corn On The Cob: A nice piece of grilled corn the cob is a crowd pleaser. Just make a cayenne butter to rub onto it, then throw it on the grill and it takes care of itself.
4. Homemade Pickles: What a classic! Surprisingly easy to make at home and definitely worth the extra step. Add a sliced cucumber to a jar of vinegar, salt, sugar, peppercorns and water—you can also add as much or as little spice as you would like. Keep them in a jar overnight and, boom, you've got homemade pickles!

Lastly, if you really want to go all out serve a glass of champagne with a scoop of pistachio ice cream. However, if you're a beer loyalist, the Miller High Life is the champagne of all beers.

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