Trendsetters,, Romy Soleimani

Jennifer Cooper, E!

When we were kids, our ultimate day of indulgence would be spent at the candy shop loading up on all the chocolate and gummies we could fit into a plastic baggy.

Fast-forward a couple decades and our ultimate day of indulgence has changed slightly. Now our favorite way of treating ourselves is a beauty product shopping spree.

So naturally we felt like a kid in a candy shop when we were able to interview Romy Soleimani, the beauty director at large at—a heaven-like place where you can buy anything your beauty junkie heart desires.

Keep reading to find out how Romy went from working as an intern at a scarf company to living in New York City living her dream job.  

Trendsetters,, Romy Soleimani

Jennifer Cooper, E!

What was your very first job?
Working as an intern at a scarf company, I was 16 and I loved it. I looked at a lot of prints and spent a lot of time at the color copy machine!

How did you get started in your career?
I was able to land a job as an assistant to a big makeup artist named Linda Cantello. She taught me so much—assisting is the best way to learn. 

Who are some of your career heroes?
People who take chances and inspire. Anyone who is able to strike a balance between a high-level career and a family life.  

What's a typical workday like for you?
A typical workday is anything from shooting at a studio in New York City, to shooting on location in New York, Los Angeles, Paris or anywhere else in the world. I'm constantly working with the team to come up with new ideas for bringing the best products, videos, images, etc. to the site.

Trendsetters,, Romy Soleimani

Jennifer Cooper, E!

Describe your office décor. What was your inspiration?
The recently renovated offices are contemporary and spacious with gorgeous views of the mountains and Lake Washington. The open air office environment makes it easy to brainstorm with the team—and there's no shortage of mood boards and beauty inspiration pinned around! I always have plenty of products to test and try out when I'm in Bellevue meeting with the team.  

List five things that are on your desk right now:
Arcona Triad Pads, Caudalie Beauty Elixir, Eve Lom Kiss Mix, ByTerry Concealor and Kevyn Aucoin Creamy Glow compact in Patrice. I also have a whole assortment of Dr. Jart, which we are excited to launch on site soon!

What do you typically wear to work?
I like to wear a high-waisted black skinny jean and a silky blouse.

What are your favorite stores to shop for work clothes?
I get my jeans at Urban Outfitters and everything else is vintage or from a favorite designer like Jane Mayle. 

What's the best piece of career advice you've ever received? 
To go with your gut.  If you have an idea or feel something, go for it and show people what you can do.


Trendsetters,, Romy Soleimani

Jennifer Cooper, E!

Finish the sentence…

Today for lunch I had… Kale salad and grilled salmon.

The first website I log onto every day is…Instagram.

The beauty product you can always find in my purse is…Tinted lip balm and lipstick. 

My must-have work gadget is…My iPhone.

My usual Starbucks order is…China Green Tips green tea.

If I need a quick break during work, I usually…Check out Pinterest.

If I wasn't doing this job, I would be…Working with women in some capacity

The best part of my job is…Travelling to amazing places all over the world. And brainstorming with the team.

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