Henry Cavill and Amy Adams have taken on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Superman style!

The two actors recently videotaped themselves accepting the challenge while in between takes on the set of their highly anticipated flick Batman vs. Superman.

Adams introduces the clip as Cavill sits next to her looking huge and buff in his tight-fitting Superman suit. Then, crewmembers dump buckets of ice and water on them. Adams only gets one soaking, but Cavill gets a whopping six!

"It's so cold," he says in the video. LOL!

Meanwhile, Courteney Cox also recently did the challenge and enlisted the help of her BFF Ed Sheeran. "All right, Jennifer Aniston. I accept your ALS Ice Bucket Challenge—let's make some donations. Let's find a cure," the Friends star says in her video before nominating fiancé Johnny McDaid and Isla Fisher.

Sheeran then dumps a bucket of icy cold water over Cox.

Watch for yourself!

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