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Last night's 2014 Emmys were jam-packed with Parks and Recreation stars absolutely killin' it. Amy Poehler was the world's funniest woman yet again. Chris Pratt maaay have been hired to French braid hair before the show (he wasn't, but we can dream). And Retta pulled off the mission she set out to accomplish: to get the buffoon seat-filler sitting next to her kicked out. 

If you're somehow unaware of who Retta is, please see one of the world's favorite Parks and Rec moments below:

E! Loves gif, Donna, Parks and Rec
E! Loves gif, Donna, Parks and Rec

As you may (or may not) know, when celebs get up to leave their seats at the Emmys, they are replaced by an average Joe so the audience looks crowded and exciting on your television screen. Poor Retta got stuck next to the seat-filler from hell but made the best of the situation by live-tweeting it, just like a true Donna Meagle.

E! Loves gif, Donna, Parks and Rec

The evening started out innocently enough, with Retta sitting next to Hollywood funny guy Billy Eichner. Things seemed like they were heading in a positive (and hilarious) direction with the pair.

It looks like things took a turn for the worse when a seat-filler took Billy's seat and started getting a little too into the show and Retta's personal space.

And then this happened. We're not quite sure how to feel about it.

Then Mr. Seat-Filler just turned into a straight-up idiot. 

He got way too inquisitive and up in Retta's business.

Homeboy then had the audacity to ask the queen of social media to follow him on Instagram. Have you seen her on Parks and Recreation? She takes her online presence very seriously.

Mission. Accomplished. We would've done the same, girl.

Way to get s--t done.

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