Ben Affleck is not looking like a good guy in the newest Gone Girl trailer!

The Oscar winner plays Nick Dunne, the husband of missing woman Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike) in the movie thriller based on Gillian Flynn's best-selling book. After Rosamund's character disappears on the couple's fifth wedding anniversary, she leaves behind a diary and a trail of clues making a certain Oscar winner look like the prime suspect.

The newest Gone Girl clip, which premiered Monday, highlights Ben's character's creepy charm in full—including the moment where he and Amy first meet at a party. After getting her name, he identifies himself as "the guy to save you from all this awesomeness."

Ben Affleck, Gone Girl


We see, though, not to be deceived by Ben's devilishly handsome good looks. Fear is written all over Amy's face as she sneaks a glimpse of him moving in the dark. And while, in flashback, she describes her hubby as "the man of my dreams," she muses, too, that "this man of mine may truly kill me."

The trailer also shows how oddly Ben's character behaves in the glare of the public spotlight. At a press conference, he shifts uncomfortably with all eyes on him before flashing that pretty boy smile as he stands in front of a "Missing" poster for his wife. That's not how a grieving man should act...or is it?

Gone Girl, directed by David Fincher, hits theaters Oct. 3.

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