Howard Stern, Casey Kasem

AP, Getty Images


Howard Stern recently completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and shared a video of the do-gooder act on YouTube. While Stern doing the bone-chilling charitable act is nothing out of the ordinary, you may be scratching your head when you hear who he nominates to undertake the challenge next.

"Hey everybody, it's Howard Stern ready to take the Ice Bucket Challenge," a shirtless Stern says in the video. "I'm accepting the challenge of...who challenged me? Matt Lauer and Jennifer Aniston."

The America's Got Talent host adds, "I challenge in return Barbara Walters, Mark Consuelos and Casey Kasem."

While we'd love to see Walters and Consuelos do the Ice Bucket Challenge, Kasem died at the age of 82 over two months ago, meaning he's no longer alive to accept Stern's nomination.

Kasem's death has been a big topic on Stern's radio show since news broke of his passing. "He had an amazing career," Stern said following Kasem's death. "Amazing career. How many guys in radio wouldn't give a left arm to have a career like Casey?"

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